Sep 23, 2010
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Viral Infection Rash

Viruses are the cause of many ailments to the human body.  In fact, one of the symptoms that are common with a wide range of viruses is a viral infection rash.  A rash caused by a virus can do minimal damage to the skin or if a body’s immune system is weak can wreak havoc.  Here are just some of the more common types of viral rashes and skin lesions.


Warts are quite common in humans.  Many are unaware that a wart is caused by a virus.  In fact, there are several types of viruses that cause warts, some being benign, while others being severe.  For instance, genital warts can be quite severe causing warts to grow throughout the genital region.

Viral Infection Rash rash

Pox Marks

Another type of skin lesion caused by a virus is a pox mark.  There are several types of viruses known for causing pox marks, however the most common is the Chicken Pox.  A pox is a small skin lesion that is a small open sore.  In children, this virus is usually mild to moderate, however pox marks can be serious in adults that contract this virus.

General Rash

Many common viruses such as the common cold and influenza can cause mild to moderate rashes on the skin.  The skin is not only a body’s defense against the environment, but also an organ- just like the liver and kidneys.  Viruses can affect this organ causing an infection of the skin cells that can be exhibited on the exterior of one’s skin.

Generally speaking, most rashes appear when the host body is infected with the virus and disappear once the body has rid itself of the virus and has been able to repair the skin.  However, some viruses may lye dormant in the body and re-infect the host (cold sores, herpes, etc).

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